Éminence Business Card


Éminence Business Card – just one card that lets you eliminate the need for reprinting and carrying several business cards. Your data is stored in a built-in chip and also in the printed QR Code allows fast, easy and accurate transfer of your contact to user’s mobile phone.

Both sides stylish design & color printing, up to 2 years of print warranty and 5 years of data warranty. Switch to the smart new way of using business cards, order yours today!

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Éminence Business Cards contain a built-in chip that holds your contact data and transfers it seamlessly to other’s mobile phones when the card is held near them. This eliminates the need for printing and re-printing several paper business cards, maintaining inventory, carrying them around in bulky card holders. It also ensures that the correct contact details are saved to the target user’s phone by eliminating the chances of typographical errors.

It is compatible with all NFC enabled mobile phones and also comes with a printed QR Code for those still using non-NFC mobile phones. Customized design options and full color both sides printing makes it the most stylish, new and smart way to distribute your contacts accurately.


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85.5*54*0.84mm (CR-80) – Standard Credit Card Size


All Color, White Base, Both Sides


Built-in Chip & Printed QR Code

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