Éminence Business Card

A business card is a simple, yet a necessary everyday thing. Its primary goal is to communicate information. However, the way information used to be passed on, have changed over the years. So have your business card changed too? With the rise of smart mobile phones, people always carry all their contacts saved digitally in the device’s memory. Printed paper business cards almost always find their way to the bin. What if your business card could “talk” to mobile devices – simply teleport your contact details & save them to the device? Shouldn’t that be the new way for business cards to communicate? Well, the new Éminence Business Card does just that!

ALIVE Interactive Signage

Signages have been a regular and essential thing when it comes to advertising or providing information to a large number of audience. They are often placed in strategic locations with heavy footfall or high visibility to reach optimum viewers. However, one can never really find out how many people the information on a particular signage has reached. It is a one-way traffic with very less or no scope of feedbacks or analytics. What if a signage could “talk” to its viewers? What if they could engage the viewers in such a tangible way that the reach of every single signage could be monitored? Alive Interactive Signage is here to change this age-old, traditional approach!

iFend ID Card

Identity cards are everyday things for students and employees. They are used to display the identity of a person bound to an organization – often used to register their physical presence and allow them access to various functions and locations. But what if this everyday thing could also be turned into a great safety device? What if they allow you to actually talk to your friends and family in case you get into some trouble? What if they allow you to send SOS messages with your location so that help reaches in time? What if they can provide your medical history easily in case of emergency? With iFend ID Card systems, you would never have to worry about safety & security again!

...and more to follow!

At Oorjamatic, we are constantly working to create, improvise & implement next-generation technology-based solutions that could change the way we perceive “things” today. While we are already preparing for a couple of more products to be launched soon, we are also actively providing customized solutions to our clients from various industries. We work hard to make “things” smart!

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