Alive Interactive Signage

Signages, in various forms, have been used since time immemorial to convey some message to a large audience. Be it posters or standees or leaflets, nothing has proved to be cheaper and easier alternative when it comes to communicating with the masses. However, signage campaigns are almost always a blind shot.  The reach of these signages, their ability to engage the audience or their effectivity to generate leads could never be measured.

Typically signages are deployed in strategic locations and positions that are deemed to have high visibility or footfall. People are supposed to read them and get some information about a product or service or something similar. But how many people do actually read these signages? How many have actually found them interesting or engaging? And most importantly how many amongst the ones who have read them do actually check out or avail the product or service? These questions have remained unanswered, until now!

Alive Interactive Signage changes how regular posters or standees present their contents and interact with their audience. Alive Signages contain an embedded or attached chip that can store various data and teleport them to smartphones directly. These data can be maps, location & direction of a store; social media engagement platform of a product or service; eCommerce product details; coupons, contests & giveaways – just to mention a few. The audience can interact with the signages directly through their smartphones to access these engaging data and a cloud backend can track the hits and record their details (with the user’s consent). A unique identifier assigned to each of these signages helps further to present a proper set of analytics that can prove to be a very important input for calculating ROI, build user database and take future decisions.

Alive Interactive Signage opens up a new way of presenting information to the masses, increase the user engagement and gather data that are much required for important decision making. Alive Signages change the age-old method of signage communications.

How It Works

A web-based user interaction platform is developed & deployed in the cloud. This platform is linked to the Alive Interactive Signage with the help of an embedded or attached chip as well as a printed QR Code. A smartphone can retrieve this link and interact with it through the web protocol. The user interaction data is stored in a database hosted in the cloud. The interaction is analyzed to check sources, behaviors, geolocations etc. and detailed analytics is prepared & delivered.

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