Éminence Business Cards

Offering paper business cards to your contacts have been a “ritual” for ages! However, do you know how many of the paper cards you distribute are actually used? A survey says that 88% of them end up in the bin.

Moreover, everyone nowadays, tends to add your contact to the phone manually – but what if one misspells your name or even worse, mistakes in typing your number?

Enter Éminence Business Card! One card that can be used to “teleport” your contact details straight to the receiver’s smartphone – fast, easy and accurate! You no longer need to incur recurring printing cost of paper cards or use bulky cardholders to carry the cards everywhere you go!

Éminence Business Card contains an embedded chip that transmits your data to NFC enabled smartphones directly when you simply hold it close to the mobile – no need to download apps or use your data!

However, if your receiver is still living in the age of dinosaurs and does not have an NFC enabled smartphone; this new business card comes with printed QR code to let the dinosaurs add your contact as well!

With two years of warranty, custom design and both sides color printing – Éminence Business Card is the new, smart and stylish way you transfer your contacts effectively!

How It Works

All your contact details are stored in the chip that’s embedded inside the Éminence Business Card. The same vCard data is also stored in the cloud and linked to a unique QR Code that comes printed on the card. A smartphone can either retrieve data from the card’s chip or scan the QR Code to connect to the cloud and download the vCard data. Once the information is retrieved, it either gets stored automatically to the smartphone’s contact or simply needs to be saved there.

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