iFend Identity Card

The world around us is going crazy every day. We often come across grim and sad incidents that would give us shivers. Security, for school children, for women who work late hours, for elders who stay alone mostly, and honestly, for every one of us, has become a matter of prime concern.

But what if you could make sure that your loved ones are safe even when they are away from you? What if they could communicate with you easily and super fast in case they face any problems? What if you could track where they are and monitor what is happening around them silently? What if they could send you their location directly in case of SOS? And most importantly what if their medical history & records are easily accessible in case of emergency?

iFend ID Cards can provide you a positive answer to all the “what if”s asked above! iFend ID Card systems come with GPS tracker that allows you to track your near & dear ones in real-time through the web or a mobile app. It allows you to create geo-fences, crossing which you will automatically be notified of the user’s location. Ifend allows the user to directly call 3 pre-designated numbers directly in case of any problems and also an SOS button that can send out an SOS notification with the location of the user.

The ID card also comes with an embedded chip and anyone with a smartphone can access the medical history and records of the user easy and fast.

All this and more feature makes iFend ID Cards a must have for any school children, working women & even the senior citizens.

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