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Internet of Things has become an important aspect to look into in all walks of life – be it our homes or offices to industries and enterprises. IoT is on its way to make the world smarter and better every day by connecting everything and everyone. However, this is just the beginning. Businesses need to understand and acknowledge the opportunities for value creation and address the challenges in order to unlock the full potential of IoT.

Oorjamatic Technologies LLP aims to enable businesses to transform their needs into competitive differentiators by delivering customized innovative IoT solutions. From integrating the right sensors, collecting data efficiently and deriving insights to choosing the right platform – we provide end-to-end IoT services to our clients.

We aim to deliver connected experiences and in the process empower,

  • Smart Living – Wearables. Healthcare. Security. Embrace emerging technologies designed for healthier, happier and safer environment to enhance your lifestyle.
  • Smart Enterprises – Smart Homes. Smart City. Retail. Enhance efficiency in a secure ecosystem by connecting people, machines, and information.
  • Smart Industries – Manufacturing. Energy. Utilities. Unlock the true potential of your industry with processes to facilitate sustainable development.

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